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There are several types of worms dogs can get by various means. Some examples are hookworms, roundworms, and hearworm.
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Kbm says:

I would be very very careful with home remedies I almost killed two of my 100 lb dogs. It is the worst thing I have ever been through. Took them almost a week to recover.

marytom says:

what do tape worm eggs look like. what is difference in tape worm and round worm. please advise. thanks

elizabeth simpson says:

My puppy has worms that come out at night.I tried the snucf.He did throw up and poop. still have the worms.any more home reamdeys?

Terri Russell says:

Looks to be a tapeworm....regular over the counter med doesn't work but there IS now an over the counter med in pill form for does work.The vet also has a one dose shot to get rid of tapeworms.Tapeworms get into your dog by the dog ingesting an infected keep the fleas off your dogs.

sylvia says:

Gave my dog worm tablet almost 24hrs ago Gave my dog worm tablet 24hrs ago but since he has not eaten had 2 b forced 2 go for short walk is this normal 7

dawn says:

Ok need help.I seen this type of worm in my dog bowel movement this morning he gets his flea and tick meds along with his heartgard every month. He's not outside much doesn't eat rodents nor raw people food. So how did this happen ty

sandra says:

are dog worms harmful to humans???

lynn semande says:

my lab mix was 8 weels old took her to the vet they said she MAY have worms gave her 1 pill and 1 poop later they where all gone well maybe 2 poops i will never eat noodle again still dont know what type of worms they where but i glad she aint got them no more she is 6 years old

Robyn says:

@ are wrong hun about the fact of tapeworm...they are not rice size....they are similar to that of a linguini noodle and when the dog poops the tape worm comes out along side of the poop not in and tapeworm in particular you can cut it into 10 peices and all ten will move....gross but true.... i do have a old wives tale i was curious on back in the day and tried with my yellow take a pinch of tobacco not too much and throw it to the back of the dogs throat and then water....within minutes to 30 min depending on infestation....they come right out of the dog weather hes shitting or not...also gross but def works.....

Diedre says:

My puppies had the flea tapeworm very bad.Every night when they would lay down to go to sleep dozens would come out of their rear ends.I tried every wormer I foud.Nothing worked.This went on for months.One day I was Eating a tabasco slim jim and they started to beg so I gave in that night they all came out and several months later the worms have not come back.I give them tabasco slim jims every two weeks or so and they love them it is not too spicy for them but i guess it is too spicy for the worms.If that doesn't work go to a vet because you can not find a wormer for tapeworms in any store.

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