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lynn semande says:    

my lab mix was 8 weels old took her to the vet they said she MAY have worms gave her 1 pill and 1 poop later they where all gone well maybe 2 poops i will never eat noodle again still dont know what type of worms they where but i glad she aint got them no more she is 6 years old

marytom says:    

what do tape worm eggs look like. what is difference in tape worm and round worm. please advise. thanks

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Pit says:


Huk says:


art says:

It is nice that you have quality pictures of worms in feces. It is not difficult to associate a name to the type of worm shown or have you not found out yourself what they are. Time for you get informed to help others identify what kind of worms their animals have and that is all we ask.

Sammy says:

I don't think it's fair that someone posted these pictures without explaining what kind of worms they are! What's the point in posting this if you're not going to tell people what the hell they are?! Not helpful at all! Trash! Useless ass website!

123 says:

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Donea says:

Dogs are so so SO so so so so so so cute

pat says:

are you all just NUTS! answer katie "what type of worm is this" nano robot worms please??? treatment? noone knows than say nothing can't get over nano robot worms.................

Kari says:

I spotted one of them small tape worms on the chair where my dog had been sitting; I immediately went to purchase "HARTZ ULTRA GAURD RID WORM" nOW, i JUST WITNESSED her after her digging in her anal are and I looked and she had one small worm like the picture here, crawling from her anal area (I imagine). It has been only one week since i wormed her. The box says rid large roundwarms and hookworms. Should I re-treat her? She is 2 years old and very active but has been eating more than normal, there for she has not lost weight.

katie says:

what kind of worm is this?

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